Pivotal Application Performance Management


Manage your Pivotal applications using the AppDynamics Application Performance Management product module.

Pivotal CF is an enterprise-grade cloud PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) powered by open-source PaaS Cloud Foundry. It offers an open architecture that comes with seamless IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) API integration for turnkey deployment and lifecycle management; a runtime that enables rapid application configuration and deployment; real-time, horizontal application-tier scaling; automated health management; load balancing and DNS (Domain Name System) tools for high availability and continuous delivery; and broad framework and programming language support. In addition, Pivotal CF’s standard server "binding" mechanism enables automatic provisioning; storage and monitoring of service connection information, credentials, and dependencies; and direct integration with services, such as RabbitMQ and MySQL.

Automatic application discovery

Automatically discover the entire topology of your Pivotal application and enable your team to spend time on innovation instead of configuration

Display key performance indicators

Gain a real-time view of the complete health of your Pivotal application by monitoring load, average, response time and error rate for the application, and dynamic baselines for all of these values to show what's normal vs abnormal

Distributed call graphs

Follow a user request as it traverses your distributed Pivotal application and collect end-to-end code execution and latency data to provide context required to isolate root cause quickly.

Real-time business metrics

Correlate application performance metrics to the metrics that matter most to your business and get real-time insight when performance deviates from the baseline

Get started with Pivotal Cloud Foundry Web Service:

1. Sign up for a Pivotal CF account and AppDynamics Pro SaaS account

2. Download the Cloud Foundry CLI (Command Line Interface)

3. Sign in with your Pivotal credentials

Get started with Pivotal Web Services

1. Clone the Spring Trader demo application

2. Create a user provided service to auto-discover the AppDynamics agent

3. Use the Pivotal Web Services add-on marketplace to add a cloud based AMQP + PostgreSQL database instance

4. Bind PostgreSQL, AMQP, and AppDynamics services to app

5. Push the app to production using the Cloud Foundry CLI (Command Line Interface)

For more information, check out our Pivotal blog post here.

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