IT Operations

Make sure that you can proactively identify and resolve emerging application issues before they impact your business.

Remove the difficulty of managing complex distributed applications through one unified monitoring and analytics platform.

One platform for unified monitoring 

One integrated platform built from the ground up to monitor applications from an end-to-end perspective:
  • One consistent and intuitive UI, one data store, one install, one solution solution for real-time application intelligence

  • Automatic baselining and monitoring of all application transactions and associated data points means all alerts are business relevant

  • Automation and cloud autoscaling means that user experience is not impacted, even during busy business periods  

Easy-to-use platform with low overhead means results straight away

Minutes to configure using Smart Code Instrumentation that adapts to changes in the environment:

  • Fast time-to-value; easy to implement, use and manage

  • Highly scalable, production-ready platform with minimal environmental overhead

Don’t just be known for ‘keeping the lights on’ in your business

Easy to use application analytics ensures that you can help your business make sure that software strategy is providing competitive value.
  • Easily correlate application performance with business revenue

  • Show business colleagues how applications are driving customer engagement, loyalty and commercial success

AppDynamics has enabled us to move towards data-driven troubleshooting rather than ‘gut-feels.’ The solution gives us the application intelligence to know when things aren’t functioning optimally.

— Nitin Thakur, Technical Operations Manager, Cisco Security Technology Group

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