Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Optimize the end-user experience of native mobile applications.

How do real users experience your native mobile applications? Follow their journey and optimize their experience with powerful end-to-end performance management that rapidly identifies application issues and relevant business transactions —  from device to data center — and dramatically reduces MTTR.

Track mobile user sessions in real-time and understand the business impact of mobile app performance on your KPIs

  • Execute on mobile Digital Transformation initiatives to improve customer service and reduce MTTR with detailed session analytics for each customer journey with the mobile application

  • Increase conversions and reduce bounce rates by understanding the customer flow through the mobile application

  • Monitor all business transactions and their performance in each customer journey of the mobile application and how they contribute to the business outcome and the effect on KPIs

Get deep code level visibility  to identify and resolve crashes and errors quickly and efficiently

  • Proactively monitor crashes and user context with real-time crash trending to identify and fix recurring problems and compare releases over time

  • View all user sessions by crash instance and quickly triage how the user journey through the mobile application may contribute to problems based on the unique sequence of screen views in the session

  • Leverage detailed stack traces and bread crumbs to pinpoint root causes of crashes and errors to troubleshoot from the mobile app to the back-end application

Get detailed visibility into all network requests from your mobile app

  • Get load, latencies and errors to identify issues and analyze them by any mobile app parameter including carrier, OS, version, connection, geography, manufacturer, device, and geography

  • See all network requests and associated business transactions for each user session and correlate app performance to business impact

  • With APM, isolate issues to the mobile application or back-end infrastructure/services/applications/3rd party APIs and enable DevOps to remedy issues faster with collaboration and automation

Get accurate user insights and visibility into every user and their mobile application activity

  • Get detailed visibility into usage across devices, networks, OSs, connection types,  app versions in real-time for better user segmentation

  • Leverage the detailed user context to pinpoint and resolve issues faster

  • See the geographic distribution of your users and the load and response times by location and region

  • Set infopoints to understand the performance of specific sections, methods, or functions/API calls of your application of particular importance/interest to your specific application

With AppDynamics APM, discover business transactions to provide mobile application to back-end application dependencies

  • With Transaction Tag and Follow, enable faster identification of mobile application issues or in the back-end services or infrastructure invoked by calls from the mobile application to create a response to the request from the app

  • Understand how third-party APIs could be adversely affecting mobile application performance and use the evidence to hold them accountable to SLAs

  • Reduce blame game between mobile application development and IT Ops teams

No more false alerts

  • Eliminate static thresholds and leverage percentiles to dynamically baseline mobile performance metrics

  • Allow the self-learning platform to help you automatically adapt to the high-variance performance metrics in the mobile world and reduce finger-pointing between mobile app dev and ops teams

  • Reduce false alerts via proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting by setting health policies and rules for notification

  • Integrate with 3rd party ticketing and alerting/notification platforms to communicate the necessary information to the appropriate on-call members of the team

Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Crash dashboards

Visualize app crashes using aggregated data to quickly identify the commonly occurring ones.

Crash snapshots and analytics

Drill down into individual crashes to understand their root causes and context, and resolve them before they impact more users.

365 days of data retention

Access a year's worth of data and see long-term trends in app performance.

Network request dashboards, snapshots and analytics

Drill down into network requests and visualize their performance to quickly and identify the ones that are negatively impacting user experience.

Percentile-based and static health rules and alerts

Flexibly set health rules that raise alerts only for statistically significant outliers.

API access

For developers to access data or enrich it with third-party data.

AppDynamics provided unmatched end-to-end visibility across our complex and distributed environment...

— John Turner - Dev Manager, Paddy Power

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