Log Analytics

Power your operational intelligence using smart logs to impact customer experience

AppDynamics Log Analytics collects, correlates, and analyzes your machine data to give you comprehensive real-time insights into operational performance.

Collect machine data from all sources in real-time to gain insights

  • Collect both structured and unstructured data to gain real-time visibility into physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure

  • Single pane of glass with Application Performance Management allows full context into application issues

Resolve application issues faster with smart logs

  • Industry’s first auto-correlation of transactions (APM) and logs data

  • Combine smart logs with machine learning to get rapid resolution of performance issues and comprehensive operational visibility

Run powerful advanced searches to pinpoint errors and perform ad-hoc analysis to connect the dots

  • Utilize SQL based query language to search through logs to gain performance insights. SQL syntax reduces learning curve and delivers results and insights faster

  • Run basic or advanced searches to sift through your machine data and pinpoint errors in real-time

Get comprehensive operational intelligence by correlating and analyzing your machine data in real-time

  • Get comprehensive visualization into your infrastructure by correlating and analyzing machine data in real-time

  • Search for distributed logs with one-click and quickly gain operational insights into performance root cause

Out of the box widget builder to visualize data and create custom dashboards to make insights compelling and actionable

  • Leverage pre-built widgets or build your own custom dashboard on top of your search queries to visualize trends and proactively gain operational insights

  • Build custom dashboard(s) to share with upper management or create reports to share with specific audience

Act on data by getting alerts that matter

  • Create alerts on top of search queries to get proactive notification when certain threshold is breached

  • Reduce false alerts from proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting

It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour.

— Eric Poon, Director of Operations Analytics, Nasdaq

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