Pricing FAQ

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What is a unit?

In the pricing table, a unit refers to the metric that governs the pricing for a given product module; e.g., a JVM, a set number of pageviews, a set number of monthly active users.

Can I try before I buy?

Get started now with a free, fully featured 15-day trial of AppDynamics Pro. For a limited time, new customers who buy before their trial expires will receive our starter plan pricing.

In a nutshell, what is the difference between AppDynamics Lite and AppDynamics Pro?

AppDynamics Lite - Free Forever is best for small deployments. AppDynamics Pro scales to support unlimited application deployments across your entire business. See the feature and unit comparison charts above for additional detail.

Are there volume and term discounts available for larger environments with longer-term needs?

Yes. If you need more than 10 units or if you are interested in a longer than 1-year subscription, request a custom quote to receive special pricing and ongoing promotions.

What is the difference between SaaS and on-premise?

With software-as-a-service (SaaS) we host everything for you. If you prefer, you can deploy our on-premise solution yourself. You can even do both.

Are subscription licenses locked to particular application stack or CPU?

Licenses can be floated between similar stacks; e.g., between JVMs, but are specific to the language originally purchased for and cannot be converted from one language to another at a later date.

How about some details on database pricing?

Database Visibility is priced by database instance units. Units are counted differently depending on the database platform you need monitored. When monitoring Oracle Database or IBM DB2, if an instance exceeds more than 8 cores, then an extra unit is needed for each 8 core. Example, single instance Oracle database with 32 core requires 4 units.

Database Visibility also supports monitoring of NetApp storage. Units are counted differently depending on the NetApp storage series you need monitored. FAS2nnn and FAS3nnn series need 1 unit per NetApp controller. FAS6nnn and FAS8nnn series need 2 units per NetApp controller.


How are pageviews and monthly active users (MAUs) counted for the Real User Monitoring product modules?

Simple (aka full) pageviews are counted for licensing, this includes both traditional web 1.0 pages and virtual pages created by single page apps. Underlying Ajax and iFrame requests are tracked for monitoring purposes, but are not counted for licensing. Pageviews are allocated on a yearly basis —starting from the provisioning date— and then reset at the end of the year.

MAU is any unique user who opens a native mobile app at least once in a given month. This means that any user opening the app more than once in a single month is counted as the same MAU. Additionally, MAUs allowed by a single unit can be shared by any number of app instances across any number of devices. 

Can I change my self-service subscription?

Visit your subscriptions page to make changes yourself at any time.

  • Change of Term - Upgrade to our self-service annual plan at any time. Self-service annual plans cannot downgrade to monthly.
  • Change of Units - You may change the number of agents. The new monthly payment will be calculated based on the term and number of agents chosen. Restrictions apply.
  • Payments - Your new monthly payment will initiate on your next billing cycle. A prorated payment for the current billing cycle may apply. Refunds are not issued for subscription changes.

What if I have to cancel my self-service subscription?

You may cancel your self-service monthly or annual plan at any time. Your credit card will not be charged on your next billing cycle and your subscription will not renew.

Note that if you cancel with more than 2 months remaining on your self-service annual plan, a 2-month-cancellation fee will be assessed. The product will continue to operate normally until the end of your current billing period. Refunds are not issued for subscription cancellations.

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