A significant amount of revenue is generated during key peak periods throughout the year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Season).  These peak periods result in heavy traffic, which puts strain on the app, and may impact performance.

If an ecommerce app is down or slow, typically over 3 seconds, end users will abandon and search for alternatives. Alternatives are easily found via google.  Ensuring an exceptional end user experience is critical to retain and maximize customer spend.


  • Are the servers supporting the reservations app up and running?
  • Are 3rd party web services used on both the frontend and backend available and performing properly?


  • 1% of the requests in the ‘checkout’ business transaction were categorized as very slow, investigate snapshots in the last 15 minutes.


  • Resource consumption has spiked on a cluster supporting the inventory management software, where is the performance bottleneck?

Capacity Management

  • When performance degrades below 1 standard deviations from the baseline for the ‘view cart’ business transaction, spin up another AMIs in AWS.
  • When performance improves above 1 standard deviation from the baseline for the ‘view cart’ business transaction, de-provision one AWS instance.


  • Collect a thread dump when a specific exception occurs, which indicates a new bug we are trying to remediate.

Respond / Triage

  • Create a PagerDuty incident and assign to the on-call technician, or dispatch a ticket in ServiceNow when the ‘checkout cart’ business transaction response time degrades past 3 standard deviations from the baseline.

Operational Intelligence

  • If we are planning on growing the number of checkouts by 20% next Black Friday, how many additional web servers / app servers / VMs / databases will we need to support that growth?

Business Intelligence

  • How many visits were sent to us per minute from our Premier partners during the last hour and how did that change from last week?

End User Intelligence

  • Get a list of customer accounts who were affected by our last slowdown so we can send them a coupon.
  • Determine how many of our users and doing multichannel (web, mobile), and the trend there to create promotion of using both channels.

The selection process for us was really quite easy because we’ve never found a tool that can do what AppDynamics does...

— August Azzarello, Quality Engineer at The Container Store

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