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European companies have significant challenges monitoring mobile and web application performance, new research reveals

Survey finds that enterprises juggle many management tools; majority take 3+ hours to resolve issues and involve 5 or more personnel; “integrated monitoring platform” tops wish list

LONDON, UK – JULY 15, 2015 – AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, today announced the release of a new enterprise application performance management study conducted by analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), which found that a majority of [surveyed] enterprises have eleven or more commercial tools in their arsenal to manage application performance. Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported that when there is a performance glitch, it takes at least three hours to determine the root cause; one-third report that it takes six or more hours to find the source of the issue.

EMA surveyed IT professionals from companies of all sizes across both North America and Europe; the majority were from companies with 1,000–9,999 employees, with 20 percent having fewer than 1,000 and 25 percent more than 10,000 employees. Highlights specific to Europe indicate interesting country-to-country variances:

  • The biggest APM challenges reported by European organisations were application complexity; the number of user applications creating network transactions; network QoS; and limited time to spend on application monitoring. “Application complexity” came in highest in France (34%) as a top challenge, while in the UK, a significantly lower number (19%) cited application complexity as a top challenge.

  • In terms of team efficiency, the research found that if an application-related problem escalates beyond standard support, the average number of people involved in diagnosing [the] root cause was highest in German businesses. Almost a third of German respondents (32%) require an average five to six people to find the root cause, while in the UK this is 22 per cent and just 12 per cent in France.

  • French businesses reported taking longer than most to determine the root cause of application performance issues, though the differences were not huge: Fifteen per cent of French businesses stated they require between 10 to 24 hours to solve application-related problems. In Germany, this was 12 percent of businesses and in the UK, 11 per cent required this amount of time. French companies are also most likely to require “24 hours up to one week” to solve an escalated problem — comparatively high when looking at companies surveyed in other European countries.

Overall, the research indicates that enterprises are equipped with a large and disparate arsenal of usually siloed tools, and the majority of enterprises — 57 percent — are using more than half of the tools they own. This can create a major challenge when it comes to pinpointing where in a complex application ecosystem a particular performance glitch is happening, and to get it fixed before it impacts a large numbers of users.

“This study validates that very few IT organisations in Europe have an accurate, comprehensive view of application ecosystems and dependencies,” said John Rakowski, Director of Technology Strategy at AppDynamics. “Servers, databases, and middleware, load balancers, code, and networks all interact to form the fabric underlying modern applications — yet traditional APM solutions fail to address this complexity. Unified Monitoring represents a new way to manage applications proactively, through a single unified architecture. Enterprises no longer have to struggle to patch together a picture of application performance with a miscellany of tools that often don’t integrate together. It’s now possible through a single pane of glass to pinpoint application issues and get the data needed to help promptly fix them. It’s good for users to have successful experiences. And what’s good for customers is good for the business.”

To this point, the survey found that most companies have under-invested in comprehensive, unified management tools. At the top of their wish list is an integrated monitoring platform consolidating application and infrastructure monitoring in one solution. The survey also indicated the following additional preferences regarding future APM purchases:

  • “Flexible deployment options” (supporting SaaS, on-premises, hybrid deployments), identified by almost 75 percent of respondents as being either “critical or important” factors for purchasing an APM solution.

  • The “ability to monitor infrastructure as a service (IaaS) public cloud” was identified by more than 70 percent of respondents as either critical or important.

About the research

AppDynamics commissioned EMA to conduct a survey in May 2015 of nearly 300 IT professionals from companies of all sizes (small, midsized and large) across both North America and Europe. For the purposes of the study, respondents were filtered to include only those actively involved in enterprise application development/management/delivery at the executive, middle manager, or "hands on" line staff levels.

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