Health Check

Good medicine for your business

Blind spots are a performance killer. But our Health Check service can make sure you’re seeing everything you’re supposed to be seeing. With Health Check you bring an objective advisor into your organization on a quarterly basis. It’s an opportunity to confer with an AppDynamics expert, ask questions, learn about new features, troubleshoot performance issues, fine-tune processes, and get suggestions for additional training or education that will help you make the most of your deployment. You know the results you want to achieve. A quarterly check-up is the key to getting them.

End-to-end services

Health Check keeps your monitoring environment finely tuned. Your Health Check consultant can:

  • Review the progress of your deployment and configuration roll-out
  • Document adoption phases and milestones achieved
  • Evaluate configuration and monitoring of critical business transactions 
  • Ensure proper alignment of policies and alerts with key business requirements to improve mean-time-to-repair
  • Validate proper configuration of product modules
  • Ensure dashboards and reports are delivering valuable business insights
  • Provide configuration recommendations for expanded deployment 
  • Ensure knowledge transfer on all aspects of product usage and configuration 

Time for a checkup

Health Check is a quarterly consultation designed for smaller environments with up to 75 monitored nodes. It’s designed to close visibility gaps, optimize skills, and keep your monitoring processes aligned with business needs.

Need more help?

Additional bundled services are available to optimize your use of the AppDynamics platform. Just contact us, or your account representative.