Deploying AppDynamics

Define, and realize, your business goals

You’ve done your homework, researched the options, and made your decision. What’s next? At AppDynamics, we believe it’s making sure that your success with our solutions is just as powerful as the solutions themselves.

Initial deployment

Know what to do—and expect—before you actually do it. See how the AppDynamics platform maps your application environment. Learn what a business transaction is. Then understand how both work in concert to provide you with meaningful, actionable data—right out of the box. We’ll help make sure your initial deployment is nothing short of successful, and more important, help you lay the foundation for future success.


You’ve got a great first look at your application environment—now start seeing what you’re not seeing. It begins by fine-tuning your configuration to maximize visibility. Assessing your baselines. Examining health rules and policies. And then establishing thresholds to make sure the right alerts are triggered by the right events—and the right corrections are applied right away. Optimize your visibility by configuring AppDynamics to meet your business needs, on your terms.

 Enable. Educate. Execute.

Once you’ve created your free AppDynamics account, start empowering yourself by learning the basics: how to get started, first-time and enterprise-wide deployments, and configuring our solution to maximize visibility into your application environment. We offer a deep collection of resources created to help you define, and realize, your business goals.


Enterprise-wide deployment

Give one team visibility into every application, or multiple teams visibility into select applications—or any combination thereof. AppDynamics lets you determine who gets visibility into what by determining how far and wide you deploy our solutions across your enterprise. And we give you the knowledge and best practices for determining the breadth of deployment that best suits your needs, plus tips and instruction for customization.

Getting started

Before you hit the ground running, make sure you take the proper first steps. It starts with setting up a free AppDynamics account, your gateway into the AppDynamics ecosystem. Once inside, you can download and install the files you need, plus access a wealth of AppDynamics resources—training and education, tips and best practices, online communities and more. 

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