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Free meals and
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Location and culture

Our headquarters is located right in the middle of SOMA, only a few blocks from BART, Caltrain and our favorite ballpark. It's a convenient location for anyone in the Bay Area.

At AppDynamics we believe in openness. Our leadership is friendly and approachable — we'd say they have an open door policy, but, well, they don't actually have doors.

Women in technology

At AppDynamics, we believe that women bring invaluable qualities to the playing field. Women offer an unique diversity in their styles of communication, thought processes, approaches to problems, creativity, and novels point of views that is unparalleled by any other factor. That is why we strive to foster a female friendly work environment that will attract and retain the best women in the workforce. It is the synergy created by everyone collaborating together that makes AppDynamics an innovative place to be and provides the best opportunity for success.

University relations

Whether you’re still in school or have recently graduated, AppDynamics is an innovative environment where you can learn and grow. At AppDynamics, every day will push you to apply your knowledge and further develop concepts you have learned in school, while solving challenging and real problems. We believe bringing bright, fresh individuals onto the team is an essential ingredient to our continued success. If you are curious, passionate, and share a love for solving hard problems, come help us change the way the world does web scaling.

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Meet AppDynamos

"I love working with people who motivate me to be my best. I am not afraid to ask a question, and when I do, people willingly invest the necessary time to explain the answer to me. It’s great!"

Meera Viswanathan

Software Automation Engineer

"AppDynamics is energetic and fast-growing with smart happy people. This is my first job after graduation and UI team gives me enough trust and opportunities. I'm so happy to learn new techniques and work on exciting projects."

Coco Duan

UI Engineer

"What's best in working at AppDynamics? To crush our competition, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their SEs."

Anthony Kilman

Senior Software Engineer

"My favorite part of working here is the relationships I have made with fellow AppDynamos. Regardless of the department, everyone is driven, passionate, and fun. I love making a difference with people I care about."

Heidi Newiger

University and Internship Programs

"Mediocrity kills me. Luckily, I work at a company that sets a high standard for innovation, collaboration and productivity. We're also in growth mode, which makes it a dynamic place to be."

Ana Le

FP&A Manager

"I love having a manager and team who really trusts me. It is such a supportive, collaborative, team-centric environment, and yet I am still able to enjoy the flexibility and autonomy to get my job done."

Peter Gehres

Site Reliability Engineer

"Why do I like AppDynamics? The people. The product. The thrill of crushing the competition. Oh, and the chair massages."

Andrei Zmievski


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