Microservices iQ

Accelerate DevOps and your digital transformation

Microservices iQ enables DevOps teams to continuously build, test and monitor microservices for optimal performance.

Microservice Monitoring

Enable DevOps teams to shine a spotlight on their microservice

  • Automatic discovery of entry and exit points of your microservice as service endpoints for focused microservices monitoring

  • Track the key performance indicators of your microservice without worrying about the entire distributed business transaction that uses it

  • Drill down and isolate the root cause of any performance issues affecting the microservice

Isolate microservice performance issues quickly with thread contention analysis

  • Automatically identify methods with blocking objects causing performance bottlenecks within the microservice

  • Highlight blocking threads, blocking object, block time and the line of the code for developers to resolve the issue quickly

Microservice Performance

Track microservices deployed in elastic infrastructure

  • Efficiently track microservices deployed in elastic infrastructure such as containers or cloud where nodes scale up and down very rapidly

  • Retain historical data about the microservice and infrastructure nodes and correlate it with past and future instances of the microservice

Check availability of microservices deployed within your network or externally

  • Check availability and basic performance metrics for HTTP based microservices that are not monitored by an AppDynamics agent

  • Alert based on custom validation of HTTP response

Microservices Availability

By using microservices, we have the ability to scale our application based on desired business outcomes and can make updates more effectively. With AppDynamics, we gain better visibility into how microservices interface with the rest of the components of our application, the ability to proactively troubleshoot emerging issues, and the increased velocity to resolve issues faster than ever.

— Nuno Pereira, CTO, iJET


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